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Brand Support is helping traditional media companies to navigate through the jungle of the digital revolution.

For now more than 20 years we successfully support radio stations, brands and political parties all over Europe. Our clients appreciate the honest feedback, the partnership, the friendship and our focus on strategies that bring long-term success. This is the reason why so many of our clients trust on our advice for already 15 years and longer, e.g. Hitradio Ö3, the RTL Radio Group, Radio Expres and the Czech Hitradio Network.

In the past few months the Brand Support team focused on adapting traditional research and consulting tools to the future usage. New tools like ‘Streamalyzr – real audience insights’ will change the way programmers manage their stations/channels, while strategic Mapping studies, image trackings, online music tests and digital focus groups will keep content driven media companies successful.

Brand Support is more than a partner – it is a treasure chest full of insights that supports Ö3 in understanding our listeners even better. Their well-founded analyzes and creative approaches enable us to not only deliver content, but to awaken emotions and to create long-lasting connections with our community. Passion for the medium of radio, inspiration and professionalism are building blocks of our daily work and are also perfectly reflected in the years of good and loyal cooperation with Brand Support.

Michael Pauser

Station manager Hitradio Ö3 (Austria)

For almost two decades, Brand Support has been a key partner in market research for us, making a decisive contribution to our success in our home market. Through their expertise in music testing, tracking and mapping, they enable us to consolidate and expand our position as a market leader. Brand Support is characterized by exceptional reliability and competence in solving a wide range of problems. Their tailored analytics and strategic insights are indispensable to us. Their commitment and expertise are the reasons why we have trusted this partnership for so long and consider it an integral part of our business strategy.

Christian Berthold

General Manager Antenne Thüringen & Radio top40 (Germany)


Brand Support is passionate about radio. We especially appreciate what Ralf Stingl is able to bring to the table. He goes into extensive analysis of music tests and always comes up with original solutions for any type of issue. Every session is inspiring.

Carsten Hoyer

General Manager & PD Antenne Niedersachsen (Germany)


CH Media has counted on the support of the brand support team for its 12 radio stations for many years. It is precisely this long-term cooperation that represents one of the greatest success factors for us: the joint knowledge paired with current market research data and development trends enable strategic station development at the highest level. The fact that we, as the Swiss market leader, are constantly succeeding in achieving new record market shares and coverage speaks for itself.

Nicola Bomio

Head of Radio ch media (Switzerland)

With the help of Brand Support, Radio Expres went in less than 5 years from ‘worst to first’ in the Slovak radio market. On our way from 1% market share in 2001 to 27% market share in 2007 the Brand Support team has always supported us with their expertise and friendship. The secret behind this very successful cooperation is that Brand Support is not only a group of highly profiled consultants, but great guys who put their heart and soul into it like no one else I know.

Ivan Antala

General Manager, Bauer Media Audio Slovakia


For many years that were shaped by major changes in the Austrian radio landscape, the ORF Market- and Media Research has had a competent and reliable research partner in Christoph Pöschl and his team. Especially the input and methodological innovations in the area of music and program research has given us new impulse for our duty of protecting the market position of the ORF radio stations.

Mag. Eva Sassmann

Leiterin ORF Markt- und Medienforschung (Austria)


Working with Brand Support is a great pleasure as these guys are passionate about research and music at the same time. They are highly professional, have great know-how and get you what it takes to develop your stations in the best direction. They also come with brilliant ideas about the music, on-air promotions and marketing for my stations. I love working with them!

Iván Guillén

Group Music Director Kiss FM + hit fm (Spain)


Ever since the beginning of our cooperation with Brand Support ten years ago, FM1 has been the market-leading private radio station in its region. I do not believe in coincidences. Instead, I do believe in the strategic recommendations of Christoph Pöschl and his team (and by the way, the so-called ‘Rostbratwürste’ alone make it worth visiting Nuremberg from time to time).

Martin Oesch

Music Director FM1 (Switzerland)


Brand Support combines the competitive DNA of U.S. research firms with the sophistication to understand the complicated media environments abroad. Like fine wine, they ‘travel well’!

Paul Fiddick

Former President EMMIS International (USA)


Brand Support combines radio know-how with great experience in market research. Thus, they have repeatedly delivered the necessary foundation for Radio Pilatus to optimize its program and increase its ratings. What we value the most is their passion for radio, which is as strong as our own.

Roman Unternährer

Head of Music & Research ch media (Switzerland)


For me it is crucial to have a reliable market researcher working alongside me, whom I can contact any time about my trackings, music tests or strategic mapping studies. I really appreciate the amazing work Brand Support does, especially the direct contact, rapid and practice-oriented feedback and crystal-clear opinions. This enables us to keep adjusting our product to the current market situation – and it seems to work, as we have been the most listened-to local radio station in Stuttgart for many years.

Philipp Grohm

Program Director Die Neue 107.7 (Germany)


Christoph Pöschl

General Manager & Founder

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General Manager & Partner

Meet me


General Manager & Partner

Meet me

A project simply has to be successful - no matter if it is a big or a small station. The more successful our clients are, the more successful Brand Support is.

Christoph Pöschl

General Manager & Founder

Always 100% focus on: innovative & helpful tools, great quality, powerful & trustful co-operation and findings which bring our clients long-term success.

Full service: The more we can support and help our clients, the more they can concentrate on their key issues – entertainment & communication.


General Manager & Partner

We love what we do, we do it with passion & pride, music is in our DNA and the benefit of our clients is always in the center of our work.


General Manager & Partner


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