Christoph Pöschl

General Manager & Founder

Strategy first – digital research next

Christoph Pöschl has been working as a media researcher and adviser for 21 years.

After studying Social Sciences, Marketing & Communcation, Christoph started his career with the implementation of a music video research system in several European countries for MTV Europe. Later on he and his team supported MTV Europe in regionalizing the program.

At this time also the Austrian public broadcaster ORF relaunched its today still successful strategy (70% market share vs. 50 regional competitors). As these first projects worked out substantially successful, more and more radio stations and media companies joined Christoph’s client list.

When 1999 the German Cult stations SWF3 and SDR 3 were merged into SWR 3, over 1.000.000 listeners left the station within a few months to listen to the private competitors. After leading a change management process for SWR 3 that contained strategic research, marketing and structural measures, SWR 3 recovered to be Germany’s most listened public radio station since then.

Hearing from these success stories, broadcasting managers from BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2 approached Christoph for support. So he and his team mate Peter Ruppert (former Head of MTV music programming) became the first music consultants at the BBC.

In 2002 Christoph founded Brand Support to help a growing number of radio stations, media and media related companies to define their audience, products and strategies.

Since then Christoph made Brand Support with lots of passion to a leading research and consulting company for the media industry with client networks like RTL Group, Bauer Media Group (Germany), ORF (Austria), Emmis Communication (USA), Radio Medien AG (Switzerland), Astral Media (Canada) and many others.

Today Christoph invests all his effort in developing new research tools to help clients survive in the digital jungle.



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Christoph Pöschl